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In addition to EMD original parts and related services, Rail Action can offer a complete range of engineering services for locomotives and rolling stock:

Assessment Services

  • Methods and procedures review
  • Appraisal of diesel locomotives and railway cars
  • Quality Control audits and assurance
  • Machinery and equipment valuation and acquisitions

Contract Maintenance

  • Supply of complete and customized maintenance programs for locomotive fleets
  • Development and performance of preventive maintenance programs
  • Diesel locomotives and railway cars modifications
  • Service calls (national and international)
  • After-sales service
  • R&D services (development of best practices)

Manufacturing Services

  • Diesel locomotives and railway cars modification program set-ups
  • Remanufacturing of diesel locomotives
  • Production line set-ups
  • New technology implementation

Engineering Services

  • Component life cycle analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Repair practices
  • Preventive maintenance procedures and repairs
  • Technical information for workshop employees
  • Electrical and mechanical tests procedures
  • Major maintenance and repairs estimates
  • Commercial proposal
  • Problem solving
  • Technical and engineering expertise
  • Operation improvement
  • Locomotive and railway car engineering

Rail Action offers a complete range of personalized products.