Rail Action currently exports its engineering know-how gained on the Canadian market. Services offered to international markets include engineering, and remanufacturing with state-of-the-art technologies, as well as maintenance expertise related to rolling stock. The objective is to demonstrate a worthwhile application of our approach based on successful principles experienced in North America over the last 15 years.

More specifically the fields of expertise that Rail Action offers include the following:

  • Rolling stock reliability and availability
  • Manufacturing programs
  • Safety of operations
  • Improvement of operations efficiency
  • Equipment technology modifications (for locomotives and wagons)
  • Facilities logistics improvement
  • Management systems
  • Employees / Management structure

In this view, Rail Action has developed a strong business relationship with some international railroads. These business initiatives have proved to be very successful and several other contracts are in the works.

Rail Action is now pursuing international expansion contract opportunities.